LOS ANGELES, CA 07/12/2003



Having come round robin to the Pomona Fairplex was the Extreme Autofest with their nocturnal version of their show entitled Afterdark. Afterdark took place Saturday, July 12, 2003, beginning at 4 p.m. and ended shortly after 11 p.m. A large cavernous air-conditioned building, of the many that make up the Fairplex, was used to house the majority of the vehicles and the adjacent areas on three sides of the building were fully utilized as well.

Over 500 vehicle entries showed up as early as six in the morning and continued to show up throughout move in time until the show sold out of spaces. Some eight thousand people were in attendance to take in the array of activities that made the show. From cutting edge competition of vehicle contestants, to vendor booths, to a disc jockeying competition, to a live concert, to a classy bikini contest, to model stations, and to the overall positive vibe of the show. The show was well rounded and well received.

The show focus was on the explosive market of the import. From intimidating Integras, to carefully carved Civics, to eye candy Eclipses, to mesmerizing matrices, to amazing Accords. The bar was raised just a bit higher as the categories of mild and wild transformed the playing field by pushing the customisation envelope ever so farther. The best of category winners can attest to that. Such winners include the Best of Show winner George Burggs, or John Chase with the Best Engine, or Albert Lee with his GTI winning Best Paint, or Serenity Sound who showed up with the most entries, and Lisa Uchida who not only took Best Female contestant but also took Best Toyota. The import scene is opening up and welcoming the female enthusiast just as other categories of vehicles have been welcomed as well.

Such vehicle categories include Trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles, and the motorcycles. At any Autofest show, one will find full size, crew cab, sport, or mini type trucks. As a matter of fact, Best Display honors were won by a truck. Showing strong and having created a growing culture in itself are the SUVs such as Tahoes, Escalades, Navigators, and the like. These sublime SUVs sport the largest wheels, sound systems, and amazing air suspensions systems out there. Motorcyles also have established a niche culture and that can be found at the Autofest shows as well. These open-air entries not only catch speed, but also attention with their catchy chrome detail and dynamic designs.

The dynamics of the show vehicles can be attributed to the many car clubs that turned out. Teams such as Deceptive, Kaos Nine, Sadistic, Another Level, Elite, Insane Racing, Europrojekz, Status, Absolute, Swift, Ilmatic, Techna, Connected, Flux, Showcase, Out of Focus, Transport, High Intenzity, Hybrid, International All Stars, and Nokturnal.

Just as spread out as the car clubs were, the vendors that showed up also made up their own variety. From the U.S. Army with their humble Hummer, to Tokico shocks with the Chula Vista Afterdark bikini model winner Ann Phan as a spokes model, to Perez Wheels & Tires slammed 2003 Escalade EXT, to Freshcoast Magazine with their fully wrapped SUVs and a duo of performers comprised of a mime like dancer and a skilled and sensual female disc jockey named Agent A, to JBL and other such vendors about. Vendors, along with sponsors received, separate entrances to set up their displays.

As the doors opened, the show quickly got underway. The stage was raw with turntablists that battled for supremacy on the one’s and two’s. Disc jockeys took their turns of masterfully mixing and scratching as needle met vinyl. Once the dj contest was over, the concert began with local talent opening up and warming up the crowd. The crowd caught fire when Jin rocked the mike with a hip-hop momentum that the crowd identified with. The concert series, which for Autofest has only been a prelude to the Bikini show, became a lively prelude hard-hitting performance delivered by Jin.

With the crowd already pumped by the concert, what ensued next was a climactic high thanks to the finesse of the bikini show. Ever since Autofest adopted a professional approach to their bikini shows, the quality and quantity of high-grade contestants has grown. We are talking about models with chiselled figures, invigorating smiles, and classy personalities that have the lovely ladies providing the maximum expression with equally impressive and tastefully revealing two-piece outfits. The perfect nexus between sex appeal and quality presentation is achieved with the Autofest bikini shows.

Before and after the bikini shows, the same and other models could be found in various stations around the venue. Many posed for pictures with their fans, others sold their hot shot work, while others represented some of the companies. The availability and access to these models put the people in direct touch and proximity with these sensible and attractive event participants. The female frenzy did not stop with the models. Today’s shows are ever more inviting and welcoming to the female. Representation continues to grow and positive vibes of the show encourage such participation.

Encouraging to the show’s presentation is demonstrated in the day’s operations. Entrance into the show for spectators, was quick and painless after a security search. Entrance into the venue for show vehicles was quick for the prompt and pre-registered. Once in the show, there were plenty of clean and restrooms that showed they were well kept, plenty of good quality food and concession stands, in house staff and security, as well as local Police in uniform. Other perks of the show included a scrumptious buffet for the sponsors, as mentioned earlier a spacious air conditioned building, a high fidelity concert system, and fog cutting laser lights to light up the dark ambience of the show. Illuminating the outside areas were ample lights, and earth shaking bass coming from the IASCA sanctioned sound off competition. Vehicle after vehicle took their turn to drop the bass and raise the sound pressure levels.

Standing on a level on its own, the Autofest series of car shows, as definitely demonstrated by this past show detail and determine the future of this sport as it continues to grow. Autofest’s growth is a testament to that as they took their shows this year on the road to Arizona, north and southern California, Texas, and soon enough in Chicago, Illinois. With this tour, the standard can be set, and the role of innovation secured.

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