SAN DIEGO, CA 10/05/2003



Having come round robin to their home base car show venue in Chula Vista was the Extreme Autofest. Extreme Autofest kicked off the 2003 Summer car show season in June at at the Coors Amphitheatre, proceeded to the Los Angeles close Pomona Fairplex for a show in July, and capped off the season right back where it all began. The season finale was a pleasurable multi-variety show never losing focus of what a car show should be.

Held October 5, 2003 under comfortable Southern California weather, the pre-show process moved like clockwork. For those setting up the day before, move-in was a cakewalk as few took advantage of the convenience of no pressure check-in and no traffic moving about. For those moving in the day of show, up to three lines ferried show vehicles in at a fair pace that allowed security to do their duty and competitors to mingle and socialize with teammates and competitors alike. No doubt the pre-show glances of the vehicles in queue allowed competitors to size up each other's cars based on other modifications and leaving others wondering what roars under the hood or what bumps in the trunk.

Once vehicles and vendors were in, set-up and clean-up continued to meet the gate opening time. As vendor canopies propped up, hoods and trunks went up, while vehicles with adjustable suspensions pancaked to the floor. The floor then slightly trembled as moments before show time a graphic laden 18-wheeler rolled in capturing the attention and eyes of just about everyone. This 18-wheeler, making its weekend debut, was that of Dub Magazine. The sweet scent of detailing products filled the air as competitors polished chrome, waxed paint, and wiped glass. As show time chimed in, attendants looking through the gates wiped their anxious grins off as the show was on.

The Autoefest show, as mentioned before, was a multi-variety show. It was a show within a show. The automotive competitive aspect is a given as are the female staple competitions. The Autofest, takes it a bit higher. It doesn't stop at imports and sport compacts. It doesn't stop at luxury SUVs either. Autofest, with open arms, invited and hosted motorcycle culture and motorcycle categories. A mention goes out to 905 Racing, So Cal Riders, and FBC Bikes.

Also in attendance at this show, were numerous car clubs from around the Southern California area. Such teams as Team One, Kontradictions, Simply Untouchables, Prophecy, Tijuana Dragstik, Prototype, Sinful Enhancements, Untamed Creationz, Lower Level, Irrisistible, Syndicate Racing, Veritas Motorsports, Adrenaline, Vengeance, So Cal 3G, Nokturnal, Karzone Motorsports, Flux, Speed Alliance, Implicit, Priority, Sadistic, and the International Allstars.

Other vehicle angles included a sound-off and go cart racing. With vehicle upon vehicle containing vivid video systems or bass in your face systems, it is only proper that a contest for the loudest , or the lowest in bass frequencies, be held to celebrate the option of customization up there with the wheel. Another wheel turning contest, albeit very small wheels, was that of go car racing. And get this, this racing can involve anyone on the premises. Here the spectator can race the competitor, or a sponsor can race a vendor or any combination thereof all in the name of fun.

Another fun aspect to the show relying less on imagination or maneuverability was the wheel of fortune that the Al & Ed's booth produced. Attendants could spin the wheel in hopes of winning a license plate frame, T-Shirt, or even actual audio components. No one went home empty handed from the Al & Ed's wheel of fortune as at least a decal was given to each entrant for their efforts. Another vendor who placed plenty of effort into their presentation was the presenting sponsor for the Autofest, Mazda SRT, who had two stylish SRTs along with a pair of models that posed with the cars and kids alike.

Think skateboards are for kids? Yes and no. Teen and kids alike put on a skateboarding exhibition where they thrashed ramps and rails while their feet juggled the boards making an onlooker anything but bored. Just as skateboards have wheels entitling them to our four wheeled classes just discussed, a smaller vehicle also racing for glory, like our go carts, took a stage with RC controlled race cars. With a complete mini-race course, participants could race against time or each other to maneuver hairpin turns and snake their way through the tiny, yet challenging RC course.

Now for those still hungry, the main course on the main stage did not disappoint. Bikini contests come and go just as street and semi-pro contestants go, however the Autofest bikini contests have reached and set a new standard of eye appeasement with their upscale approach to female exhibition. Mind you the Autofest shows in no way demean female contestants as stringent rules and details are involved. First off, obscene and indecent activities are not allowed. So how could the mongering males in instinctual mode be appeased? Quality and proper exposure is how. Over the course of shows, Autofest has cleaned and improved the fusion of sex appeal, moderate yet tantalizing exposure, and top level models resulting with a successful contest of nuclear proportions. The proportions of model representation and the proportions on the models themselves made heads turn and arms rise as the heat turned up. One gal quickly became a crowd favorite as she was nicely filled. This gal was forged with an hour glass figure, right curves, and mass within all the right places with the ever so perfect white veil like material to create an underwear yet bikini look. On top of that, the matching platform high heels helped accentuate the full curves of this female figure. Being that the Autofest bikini shows are judged by individuals from the industry rather than the crowd, the guidelines set-up are allow the panel of judges to crown who they see fit as the winner. While this may not resonate well with the attendants, this does impose a safeguard to keep the contest from manifesting into something it should not under the influence of a wild crowd that may have other things in mind. Getting back to our marvelous model mentioned earlier, she was at least part of the three finalists. Alas, while our favored female did not take the coveted prize, she did take it in stride as a bikini favorite, Nikki Zeno, scored best with the judges. The prestige surrounding the new breed of bikini shows put together by the Autofest group still gives the contestants an up in the model industry as the gold standard of the show no doubt follows them. We will be looking for our favored unknown newcomer in the next season.

Capping off the show and season, the Autofest shows for 2003 close as an impressive and successful chapter of their saga as growth and stature is imminent for this series of shows. An inside scoop has recently revealed to us plans for 2004 including a a hot and promising sister car show series that antes up in the industry.

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