POMONA, CA 11/16/2002



Having come round robin was the Extreme Autofest show series for 2002 that concluded their venturous year back where they had embarked on at the Pomona Fairplex. Held as a night show, rightfully titled Afterdark, November 16, 2002 went down as an indoor and outdoor arrangement. Vehicle upon vehicle lined both sides of the two corridors that stretched either side of the building hosting the indoor vehicles. The weather turned out favorable with no rain in site and only a brisk ambience hinting at the upcoming winter. Inside the venue one would not be able to tell that winter is around the corner as some of the hottest industry models were on hand strutting their stuff or very little of it for that matter. Certainly many of the visitors could appreciate the exposed models garnering exposure while posing with vehicles or posing at their tables. Such models on hand were Lisa Kaye, Aiko, Akira, Rowena Galam, Melani, the Asianlaah girls, and the Showgirlz.

From showcars to every day drivers, the show had something for everyone. Some of the top cars on display were a Honda Del Sol, a few Honda CRXs, a couple of Celicas including one that made the trip from Northern California, and various Accords and Acuras. Acutely grabbing our attention were chrome collages of metal, pulsating paint jobs, and auto body modifications worth marvelling at. Marvelously executed was the bikini contest that has managed to make a new impression in the automotive circuit thanks to the delightfully tasteful aspirations of the Autofest crew. Trading in the raunch and flash for respect and finesse, their new form of bikini contest has won over industry personnel, auto enthusiasts, media, and flesh seekers alike. Make no mistake the fine femmes, curves and all, are very much defined and revealed by the sensational outfits that combine style with taste.

Satisfying the tastes of the dance or turntable afficionado, were the b-boy and dj competitions. A handful of b-boys braved the stage for honor, show, and a monetary prize of five c-notes. The finalists brought out all stops with helicopter visuals and gravity defying footwork as well as an upside down walk where the arms were used in a foot motion and the legs were inversely used in an arm swaying motion. It was a rather cunning display of agility and tact. With agility and perfection were the turntablists turning up the heat as the battle of wax warping, cut crossing, cross fading, and sound selection both amazed and impressed onlookers. With only minutes to conduct a symphony of sound when the needle meets the record, the djsí hands gracefully and swiftly conducted the union of stylus and vinyl.

Plenty of vinyl graphics were on hand to complement the sundry of vehicles. The works of Max Graphics, Street Designs, and others could be seen throughout the show. Also throughout the shows were various vendors bringing new technology or services to the show. From Dub, to the Army, to Al & Edís (that conducted the sound off by the way), to Top Gear, to BF Goodrich, to STR, to Monkey Customs to Import Image and others as well all took part in bringing a little extra to the show for patrons to learn from or possibly take home from the venue.

The venue itself was well taken care. Restrooms were clean and maintained, food concession stands were readily available with yummy pizza and quick lines. Entry into event was also quick as the search and entry lines ran expediently. A safe environment was the case throughout the night with friendly staff and amiable auto enthusiasts about. This show, like many other automotive events in the homeland, brought peoples of all ages and nationalaties together.

Just as the people are a factor of the show, who could forget the very essence of the hometown and beyond car clubs that made the trek to the Afterdark show. Such groups were Team Transport, Absolute, Chevy Devotions, Another Level, Fatalism, Hi-Tek, Team Fuzion, Flux, Team Trigon, Team Light Speed Racing, Team Kurruption, Team Hybrid, Synister Illusionz, Elite Street Team, the International AllStars, the 935Draggers crew, Raw Power, E-Legal Imports, Swift, Unfadeable Stylez, Irrisistible Show Team, and Nokturnal.

As the nocturnal night ended the show at midnight, the Afterdark staff could return to their hometown of Chula Vista knowing they had tapped the greater Los Angeles area, the San Jose Area, and the San Diego Area in 2002. 2003 is set for a nationwide tour that only Autofest and Afterdark could bring it like. We shall follow their venture and see what followers also bring it to the shows.

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