ANAHEIM, CA 07/27/2002



Every so often in the world of car shows a new contender rises and throws their hat in the ring. On July 27, 2002, California Cruisers along with Unfadeable Styles had their shot at a car show. Taking place at Edison Field, home of the California Angels, in Anaheim, the show was greeted by warm weather and sunny skies. As the morning progressed, vendor and show vehicle roll in commenced. Show producers each represented a differing segment of the car show culture. California Cruisers had a mini truck and related genre appeal while Unfadeable Styles had an import and related genre appeal. What resulted was a sight of a site adorned by walks of vehicles from the trucking, import, suv, and the like that stretched along elongated rows of show cars.

With hours and hours of show time, there was plenty of action to keep the people entertained, from the vehicles themselves, to the talent performances such as the Set Free All Stars, to the fine female contest, to vendors vending goodies, to the people walking about.

The support of this show was impressive. Legions of car clubs turned out to support such as Local Finesse, Another Level, Team Trigon, Fatalism, Team Max, Double Down, E-Legal Imports, Overcome, Karnage, Elite Street Team, Connected, Raw Power, Insight, Top Notch, High Image, Swift, Autovision, Undisputed Touch, Prophecy, Premier, Absolute, Status, Act One, International All Stars, Kontradictions, Sunset, Irresistible, and Nokturnal. Even the California Cruisers and Unfadeable Styles vehicles were on hand for exhibition.

The diversity of the show yielded an eye opening experience. Beginning with the vehicles, there were slammed trucks that lay so low it seems one would need a giant spatula to lift them off the ground while on the opposite end of floor to chassis distance there were 4x4s so high off the ground one could almost walk under them. There were imports with bold body modifications and fiberglass works that would make a plastic surgeon jealous. And there were vechicles with interior applications that would make an interior designer jump with glee. The visual difference between vehicles served as an introduction to many of the attendants who had not seen or were unaware of the differences in car show culture. A visual difference was also observed among the people participating in the show. From the locals of the Orange County area, to the greater Los Angeles area people, to the Inland Empire and Sgv areas, people from all areas and walks turned out to brave the sun that shined through.

The show went very well and move in was complete on schedule. Entrance to this show of variety was free to the public. Can't beat free. Parking was certainly plentiful and concessions were on hand to dispense food for the hungry. Restrooms were on hand and well kept. The wide open spaces of the show location made for roomy displays, and plenty of walk through room in the aisle ways. Local Edison Field staff were on hand along with the city's local police department. No disturbances occurred which goes to show again, how the automotive culture can bring people together especially of differing tastes as in this show. Fantastic !

Not too many first time car show productions go so smoothly as the Cali Styles did. Some are forced to throw the towel in the ring, however, Cali Styles went the full 12 rounds and scored a victory. By the 12th, the 12th hour of midnight that is, the show was winding down with awards and exit. There should certainly be a continuation to this show series. We'll keep you posted.