Dub Magazine and DDAY, two names that need little introduction for one is an Automotive Lifestyle publication ubiquitous by name and by their decals upon vehicles of all categories, the other is a car show circuit that in the span of a few years has made its mark in the competitive and entertainment circuit of car shows. May 5, 2002, at the Orange Show Fairgrounds in San Bernardino, Southern California, was their latest show under the hospice of beautiful sunny weather bringing in over 700 show vehicles, over 15,000 attendants, with live concert performances and entertainment, a handful of celebrities, and a bikini show that raised interest, eyebrows, and temperatures amongst other things.

The show contained a sundry of vehicles made up of imports, luxuries, sport utilities, domestics, motorcycles and even a boat or two. Car clubs that made an appearance included Swift, E-legal Imports, Team Max, Connected, Another Level, Team Autobots, Fatalism, Unveiled, G-zer Tribe, Unveiled, Refined Image and making their first appearance at any show was Nokturnal car club. Vehicles belonging to the stars were also on hand. The likes of Shaquille OíNeal, Korn, Chris Mills, Sugar Shane Mosley, Latrell Sprewell and a handful of others showed off their vehicles for the public to see. A much deserved mentioning is due to the crew of Omaha, Nebraska named Midwest Customs that made the 1,500 miles trip to represent in full hitting force. Arriving with eight vehicles comprised of a luxury Jaguar, Escalades, Denalis, an F-150 and a Blackwood, Midwest Customs made a dynamic showing and established their presence with fervor.

Making their presence known among the attendants were The Score Gentlemenís Club showgirls, the California Glamour Girls, a bountiful amount of gorgeous ladies for the cameras, and inversely for the ladies they too had many fellows to visually make contact with. The ethnic mix of the show was a smorgasbord worthy of applause. Latinos, Asians, Caucasians, African-Americans made up the bulk of the attendants, and all together shared the same interest of DDAY. Celebrities spotted at the venue included the likes of the Goodfellas, Big Boy, Fuzzy, Xzibit and others. Also taking time from their duties and making a showing were members of the 4th LAAD Battalion of the United States Marine Corps along with their Avenger Weapon System/Stinger Missile vehicle. Hats off to our servicemen.

Many hats were in the ring of entertainment for the show. Livening things up were the performances by the Black Eyed Peas, Coolio, Fabolous, Rakim, and others. Also revving the spirits of the crowd was the Metal Mulisha motocross group that performed stunts and tricks soaring through the air. The stunts and tricks that caused the attendants enjoyment to soar the highest was that of the Bikini show. With $2000 up for grabs, the contestants gave the crowd an exhibition that sparked applause and cheers. The sensual gestures, gymnast like displays, full faceted backsides, gushing water tactics, and revealing tidbits began to move the crowd to its energetic peak. Boiling down to the finalists they fired up the crowd further as it came down to the wire with top honors going to an artsy local playgirl that conducted herself with precision.

Venue operations were precise and expedient. Entrance into event was fairly speedy considering the amount of attendants. Parking was plentiful and concessions of various tastes were on hand to quench the thirsts of the dehydrated and to satisfy the palates of the hungry. Restrooms were on hand and up to par. No attendant traffic bottlenecks were observed and no scuffles or troubling situations occurred either. Entrance into event was $25 for those that pre-purchased, and $30 at the door. Expedient and courteous security, show staff, local police department, and participants all helped bring it all together.

DDAY has brought something for the masses to share in, and something for the masses to take home with. This dayís festive outcome adds another stripe to Dub Magazine.

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