Not too long ago, a revolutionary push was witnessed that stretched the boundaries of the wheel. That boundary was the 20-inch wheel. The dub was born and with it emerged Dub Magazine. A few more inches later, a few more issues later, and a few shows later, Dub Magazine has secured its mark in this culture and within the import culture with their massive annual car show and concert known as DDAY. DDAY was held in the spacious venue known as the Orange Show Fairgrounds in San Bernardino California on May 4, 2003 under prevailing summer skies.

The show's weather seemed threatened by a looming cold front that had brought rain with it. That week of the event, the area was subjected to a few rain showers even the night before the show. Fortunately, by move in time on the day of the show, the clouds that threatened were subdued by the dazzling rays of light we call California sunshine.

As if drawn to a beacon of light, hundreds of competitors and vendors began to show up. As multiple entrances gave plenty of queues for vendors and competitors alike, ample venue personnel made for a swift move into the grounds. With less than an hour until show time, finishing touches of wax, application of tire dressing, and other details were being taken care of prior to the opening of the doors for the thousands upon thousands of people that would make the attendance.

The show attained its reigning stature of super show contingency with a magnificent turnout. Over 500 vehicles, over 10,000 people, over 6 hours of show time made for a successful repeat of super show status in line with Dub?s kick-off of a nationwide tour. This tour represents a sum of $150,000 in cash prizes and not to mention their trophy quality to be proud of even if garnering a respectable third place.

With the concert series firmly in place as part of the DDAY series of shows, the music of the day was the auditory sensation of the masses. With Fabolous headlining and an excellent cast of talent supporting thereafter such as The Clipse, WC, Nate Dogg, Disc Jockeys from Power 160 & The Beat the entertainment had everyone grooving and the girlies busting their moves.

Speaking of which, the renowned bikini contest had the mercury rising. Lovely contestants strutted their stuff and moves for the coveted cash prizes that awaited them. From freaky frolics to tantalizing teases to acrobatic stances, the crowd was driven to awe and appeasement as the ladies did their thing. Top honors went to the crowd favorite and pleaser, Loca of San Diego. Loca has been the reigning champion for a few DDAY shows. Yet to be displaced, this girl knows how to tease and please pushing the limits of imagination and angst much to the crowds? delight.

Also on hand delighting were the Cali Boyz and their motorcycle and quad wheel action. Direct from having filmed many of the stunts in the awe inspiring movie, Biker Boys, the Cali Boys performed first hand for the crowd on hand various maneuvers and stunts defying gravity and inertia alike. From three wheels on quads, to wheelies on back wheels, to braking and riding on front wheels, these fellows put on a show to remember. Remembering the various car clubs in attendance, a special tribute is paid to them, the car show entrants.

Teams on hand included the massive turnout of Nokturnal bringing in over 40 entrants, E-Legal Imports, Deceptive, Lawless, Unfadeable Stylez, Status, DTM, Priority, Connected, Absolute, Team Max, High Image, Swift, Irristible ShowTeam, AllStar Nissans, Raw Power, Autobots, Out of Focus, and Unpredictable Habits.

These teams along with the many soloists out there provided the glitz and glamour of the show vehicles. All classes of vehicles were present. Hummers, Integras, Navigators, Escalades, Tahoes, Civics, Cruisers, Focuses, Trucks, and so on gave the crowd plenty to look at and study. For this car show, setting the standards of showmanship, assist to evolve automotive culture not only as a sport, but also an art. The skilled craftsmanship going into these vehicles, the competitive nature of the auto enthusiast, and the admiration and appreciation of the attendant all serve as the fueling force for making shows be what they ought to be and will evolve to be. Wherever the evolution of automotive culture or dubs take us, we can certainly bet to see DDAY as the charismatic canvas for the coming years.

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