SAN DIEGO, CA 09/08/2002



Having gone on their 2002 expedition reaching out to Los Angeles and San Jose their was no place like home as the Extreme Autofest returned to their home turf of Chula Vista amidst the San Diego area. Held at the Coors Amphitheatre on Sunday, September 8, 2002, the Extreme Autofest weekend was greeted by overcast skies late Saturday afternoon that eventually began to rain down as the pre-move in was wrapping up. Not damping the spirits of anyone, pre-show festivities and preparations kept on schedule. As the next morning unveiled, an overcast sky was observed along with wet streets and a brisk breeze.

Not brisk, but ratherly bravely bold, a collage of compact car competitors and others lined up for competition in 3 lines with each holding at least twenty five vehicles at the 7 a.m. hour. Rain the day before or not, the competitors showed up with shine for a motor medley right in the Autofest's hometown.

Broadcasting into the homes' living rooms of the San Diego and surrounding areas was local news coverage that helped to shine some light on the forthcoming day's activities. As activity began to buzz with final move in and set-up nearing completion, what looked like a completely overcast sky began to shed its cast and allow streaking rays through.

Coming through in this edition of the Autofest were such teams as Fuzion, Raw Power, Protoype, Fatalism, Xclusive Racing, Xxplosive, San Diego Stangs, Unfadeable Styles, Finest, Art N Motion, San Diego Saturns, Kontradictions, International Allstars, Dos, Iczer, Decepticons, Knights, Nex Evolution, Southern Series, Hybrid, Exile, Xplicit and Ignite.

Igniting the senses as the show gates opened to the public was the automotive expression that was displayed by the sundry of vehicles gathered to compete, show, and socialize. The competition in most classes was tough with many going the extra mile from engine tuning to body moulding to headlight modifications to sound shaking systems. For some vehicles, 'all show' best described them as thier intricate detail took them from plush pillow like interiors to ear soothing engines and exhausts to glimmering and engraved undercarriage plated suspensions. Seemingly suspending themselves in mid-air were the agile skaters and bikers that performed gravity defying tricks and mid air 360s. Held in a safe and quartered off area, the public was treated to a show they otherwise would not see on the every day streets. Making themselves heard, perhaps as far as the nearby sea, were the sound off competitors that forced sound waves to push the frequencies down and the decibels up. Some had thier windows reinforced, others had their half dozen batteries fully anchored to keep from going anywhere during the auditory force of the row upon row of woofers.

Causing a "woof woof" to come from the spectators was the much anticipated bikini show. Being that the Extreme Autofest has taken a new direction in the way it conducts its bikini shows, where class and finesse are employed, a new standard is slowly being set where a show of professional exibition and elegance is brought about by the ladies and their outfits. Fittingly hugging the curvy contours of the female contestants with brilliantly contrasting colors and designs, the bikini wear is also a step in the direction of showmanship. Make no mistake, the ladies had plenty of flesh to show for the 'skin seekers'. The large crowd gathered before and during the exhibition can attest to that.

Having tested these new waters has been a positive transition for the Extreme Autofest and its future growth is to be looked forward to. The show gave everyone somthing to look forward to. From the average street racer, to the novice import fan, to the full fledged show competitor. All were able to enjoy in one form or another the customized cars, bikini bearing babes, air spinning skaters, sound shaking systems and lovely ladies about all under a sky that gave way to a silver lining.

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