LAS VEGAS, NV 07/26/2003



Sin city. The South West city in the middle of the desert that never sleeps, never has a shortage of things to do, never has a shortage of sun, and never tells its secrets. Let it be told that city is Las Vegas and this summer it played host to Stylefest. Stylefest is a car show featuring imports, domestics, and SUVs in conjunction with NHRAís drag racing. Like the variety of entertainment found in Vegas, a variety of sights and sounds were also on hand at Stylefest. Good hands were dealt to those in attendance July 26, 2003 as the night went into the books as a dazzling night of tire burning, neon glowing, bikini wearing, gravity defying, show stopping and attendant engaging activities.

With the clock ticking to show time, set up was underway early on. Show and drag competitors alike braved the scorching sun that afternoon so that show attendants who arrived at the 7p.m. gate opening, would be treated to a spectacle of vehicles in comfort as the summer sun retreated. Show cars were on display behind the Speedwayís bleachers and adjacent to the drag stripís racerís big rigs. During the course of the afternoon solo qualification runs were run to pair up racers for the eveningís series of eliminations leading up to the top racer.

The top speeds seen by many of the racers rivalled that of six figure sports cars. Small compact imports were seen flying the track at 148 miles per hour while the top dog of the night was clocked at an impressive 212 miles per hour. Those in attendance for the drag were treated to a variety of heart stopping action. From the ear drum exploding exhausts, to the tire burning screeches that would produce many clouds of smoke, to the upsets of miscalculated clutch shifts, to the burning up of juiced up engines, to the close photo finish races. Indeed there was something for everyone. The stands boasted males and females alike, families complete with strollers, individuals, first time attendants, and seasoned veterans. If the loud sounds of the strip became too much for some, or they simply needed a break, the car show part of Stylefest was only a few steps away.

The show progressed in step fashion throughout the night. As the sun began to set and darkness fell, there were plenty of sunshine smiles coming from the lovely ladies and models seen about. The International Allstar models showed up in full force engaging the public, with their cheerful smiles and warm mannerism. Even Las Vegasí Little Darlings were in attendance. For those who donít know who they are, they are gentlemanís club performers. Yes, they were pleasing to the eye and as they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Just as pleasing to the eye were the various show entries on hand. Vehicles exemplifying attention to detail showed off their murals, custom body curvatures, tuned engines, sound systems, and glow systems for the attendants. There was a representative variety of imports, PT Cruisers, SUVs, domestics, and an exotic or two present on the show grounds. A few notables include a Ford Mustang with sick murals all about the body of the vehicle, a creatively adorned PT cruiser, a chopped CRX with immaculate matching interior, color coordinated Eclipses, an earth shaking Honda S 2000 and a full show Honda Civic.

Comprising these various vehicles were the likes of the International Allstars, Team Downforce, the Las Vegas PT Cruiser Club, Otokoto, Team Furious Motorsports, So Cal Race Club, Desired Visions, Karzone Motorsport, Team Showcase, Euro Phi Psi, and Priority. A hats off recognition to Team Sadistic who took the trek from Southern California in a fairly large force to represent in style and with professionalism.

Speaking of professionalism, the bikini show that took place that warm summer night, was an exhilarating spectacle of balanced eye candy and presentation. Models and everyday females worthy of national pageantry were on hand competing for top honors on the Sony Xplod stage. The bikinis employed were also of competition stature designed for fashion and exhibition all the while maintaining taste and effect. This allowed for admirable appreciation and appraisal of the contestants without breaking any rules. Sin city or not, it would be a sin, if the show would have to be shut down on account of a violation. The recognition of these beauties went a step further as each contestant was introduced and a few details about their livelihoods were mentioned to the crowd showing just how grounded and communal these gals were. The end result of this combination produced a show combining appeal, confidence, and effervescence.

Exhibiting confidence while defying gravity were the freestyle bicyclists. These skilled acrobats performed backward somersaults on their bikes some 20 feet off the ground much to the nerve twisting and appreciation of the onlookers. It should be noted that these individuals took care in wearing proper protective gear in the event of the unforeseen. Responsibility with ability was demonstrated here.

Stylefestís inaugural showing at the Las Vegas Speedway demonstrates what combination of automotive zeal can accomplish. Drag and show. Competition and camaraderie. Sex appeal and restraint. The show can be summed up as complimentary and cultivating as attendants were dealt a queen and an ace.

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