LOS ANGELES, CA 08/02/2003



Production, production, production. That one word is the one word that defines Projekt Live held on Saturday, August 2nd of 2003. Projekt Live was a show that fused urban cultures and urban entertainment to make for a day of things to do and things to see.

Held at the Pomona Fairplex, Projekt Live did a little something extra with the place. The fairplex is known for having large cavernous buildings where one in particular has been the favorite for import car shows as of late. Projekt Live naturally made use of this cavernous building, plus not one, but two other buidlings as well.

The first and largest of the buildings saw a production that showed the zeal and attention to detail put forth by Global Slipstream, the fuel supply of Projekt Live. Being a climate controlled building, the bulk of the vendors and models were placed in this building within a well assembled vendor environment complete with full size and torso high curtains to give the grounds a prestigious and professional touch. Also receiving an extensive professional touch was a aural & visual concert system worthy of full fledged concert. A loud and clear sound system turned out the tunes of the various acts of the day for all to hear if not see within the structure. From start up rock bands, to a sorority troop, to Djs, to a headlining concert by the Pharcyde all rocked the main stage for the attendants on hand. Able to get within hands reach, attendants were free to mingle and photograph with the models. And gorgeous models there were, with the likes of Lisa Kaye, the AllStar Models, Jenae, Mia, Rina, April, Ramona, Wendy, Azelle, and Mars. Not to deny them their credit either, there were plenty of cute gals from the general public also on taking part in the spotlight.

The spotlight, however, in this main room belonged to the various automobiles on hand. From immaculate Integras, to creative Civics, to surreal S-2000s, to electrifying Eclipses, to blingin' Blazers, to mesmerizing Mustangs, to lavish Lexus or two, there was something for the automovite enthusiast to embrace and admire-luxury, leisure, speed, power, and combinations thereof. Some notables include a 2001 Honda Accord with killer graphics, a 2000 Accord with custom fender and body work to fit 19 inch rims all the way around, a pair of trucks each with modified Escalade front ends, and an Integra with custom near vertical doors and full show detail. The detail paid to the presentation of the vehicles is due to the team spirit and participation of the friendly and competitive teams on hand such as Showcase, Flux, Hybrid, Ilmatic, Nokturnal, Status, Team Transport, Priority, Factor One, Syndicate Racing, International Allstars, Swift, and Kallusive.

Another alluring aspect to the main room were the lifestyle and related vendors. Whether it was fashion, music, cars, or media the event was well represented. The likes of Sima Clothing and Kaos represented fashion , the Beat and Mix Unit represented the music industry, Decent Video, Fresh Coast, and 360VM represented media, the UC Irvine Lambda Lil Sisters bringing a collegiate angle to it all, or the D1 Grand Prix booth that was showing what the world of japan's best drifting is going to bring.

Bringing more angles to complete the lifestlye cycle were the two other buildings that hosted live action sports, Interactive gaming, and art. With the mounting notoriety of skating blanketing the american landscape, virtually an entire building was dedicated to this quick reflex and stamina demanding sport. Skaters of all walks, professional, amateur, and off the street were allowed to show their stuff on the various ramps and obstacles to make friends, show off, and compete for cash prizes. This sport has been due its respects and what better avenue to do that through than through a controlled environment such as Projekt Live allowed for.

Other urban pastimes, were granted their arena in the third building. An illicit to some extent, yet long time and widespread activity is that of graffiti. A non-illicit form was exemplified by a live graffiti demo in the third building. For many this form of urban culture is an expression of protest, tribute, skill, or a combination thereof and the canvass can be anything from a train, to a wall, to a canvas. For those in attendance here, they were treated to a live transformation of a blank canvas to a live breathing mural that revered with talent, creativity, and excellent eye-hand coordination. Just as demanding when it comes to eye-hand coordination are video games, and again said attendants were treated to live Xbox game trials to sample what was hot and forthcoming. This section allowed for interactive gaming where players could challenge the computer or each other with mind blowing graphics and amazing real life action. All along these players and graffit art lovers could enjoy these activites with the Red Bull stage in the background hosting funky disc jockeys grinding needle to vinyl with the latest and phattest beats to reverberate about the building.

The stature of this event built by Global Slipstream is one that should be revisited and built upon as its an event that is in tune with the urban, the fashionable, wired, tuned, and abreast of what our lifestyles encompasses. It goes without saying, the event and venue provided an excellent environment where organization, speedy entrance, concessions, security, and good production provided for a smooth day of operations.

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