IRWINDALE, CA 04/13/2003



As Memorial Day would mark the dawn of summer bar-b-que season , the Swift Showoff would mark the dawn of the summer car show season. This annual event that is taking root in the Irwindale Speedway was held this year on April 13, 2003. While the forecast and the day brought with it dark and ominous clouds that threatened to damper the show, such was not the case, and a brave large armada of show vehicles took the trek to show. The clouds remained all day, and in their own right, made for an interesting background. Show participant mood was not dampered as the show went on schedule, and a noticeable crowd did turn out for the show as well. Despite the cover of the clouds, sunblock was still a good idea, and for a few, sunburns did result even under the cover of the clouds. Even without sunlight, there was plenty of shine from some hot show cars and vendors and plenty of rubber burning in the stretch of road reserved for racing. Seen on the track was a variety of vehicles including imports, trucks, and motorcyles.

Also seen in show attendance were the various car clubs that make the sport what it is. Such teams include Out of Focus, Halo R, E-Legal Imports, Another Level, Unfadeable Stylez, Chevy Devotion, Team Max, Unpredictable Habits, Connected, High Image, Sinister, Affiliated, Irrisistible, Priority, Status, Wreckless, Team Trigon, Phase One, Deceptive, Impact, Swift, and One Z Z. As seen from this list, a representative turnout was observed as was a positive vibe of sportsmanship.

As the sport evolves, some things don't change, while others do. Competition does not change, and while it is always there, it does inspire change. From new body modifications, to tantalizing taillight conversions, to unprecedented use of cameras and screens, to tuning turnarounds that up the ante of power all in the name of getting those extra points to secure top placement. The evolution does not stop with the vehicles themselves. The military has been welcomed and seen at the show displaying their vehicles worth of the status that a Hummer brings and worthy of being designated an armored anti-aircraft vehicle as well. New car clubs were also seen on hand at the Swift Show such as Out of Focus which is a car club comprised of entirely of one specific car; the Ford Focus. The other teams noticed were Phase One, One Z Z, and Halo R which brought the bright yellow/orange colored Honda Del Sol with the Sponge Bob display and large plush Sponge Bob doll that atrracted some of the show's most attractive ladies for photo ops.

Speaking of attractive ladies, Dazza was on hand strutting her stuff, as were some of the Dub Gals, the latest model to hit the scene named Kitty, and of course our everyday showgoing lovely ladies. These gals were sizzling just standing still. Not standing still, jiggling what their momma gave them, were the participants of the hot booty contest that seemed to attract the entire show to the stage. The crowd was treated to a display of sensual freaking by a female duet, a grooving session by a few dancers, and for those who had their cameras and flashes ready, well just that; a flash or two.

The day went in a flash with the conclusion of the trophy ceremony at the end of the day. No disturbances were noticed, or hot spots either, except for the bar-b-que grill fired up by the E-legal Imports who sampled us some very yummy carne asada hot off the grill. While the weather may have warded off some show attendants, the turnout of vehicles was impressive and an ongoing sign of the growth and future of the Swift Showoff.

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